Eliminate your physical complaints. Feel alive, fit and vital again! All of this you can achieve with my unique motion-charms. 

Optimise your eating habits! Get practical tricks about micronutrients for your daily meals. This is what my nutrition-charms are offering you.

My mindset-charms visualisations and affirmations anchor your new lifestyle habits in your subconscious sustainable.

Do you already know my Charms?


I call exercises and content charms. Eva Tischer Health Mentoring consists of three main areas:

  1. The Mats of Beauty (MOB)
  2. Nutrition - daily moments of pleasure
  3. Mindset - daily moments of happiness

These three aproaches together make up my customised, revolutionary LIVELINESS SALUTOGENESIS PROGRAM for WOMEN. Based on my long-term professional experience in sports science and training therapy. And in each aproach there are different exercises/contents - my charms.


And like a bracelet, the more charms you have, the more beautiful, better and easier is your life.

 Everything clear?

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