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What you need:

  • professional support
  • 33 years of international professional experience
  • individual visualisations and affirmations are the connecting link between mind & body
  • attention, imagination and motivation as a mental amplifier 
  • sustainable anchoring of new motion-charms 
  • deleting bad eating habits from your subconscious
  • improve your cognitive abilities
  • positive effect on your body awareness and movement learning
  • joy, appreciation and satisfaction as a motivational booster
  • sustainable results 
  • longing for the next challenge
  • experience daily moments of happiness

My mindset-charms are the essential part of the LIVELINESS Salutogenesis programme.

They help you to implement

  • the mats of beauty (MOB)
  • nutrition - daily moments of pleasure

successfully and sustainably.

Let's start your vital life together!