Nutrition plays a very IMPORTANT ROLE in our health and therefore also in my Health Mentoring.


That's why, I also completed various additional courses specialising in nutrition, after my sports science degree.

However, the most important experiences I gained with my clients and together we celebrated great results:

  • On the one hand, during my study with 86 women on the topic: "Spot reduction - targeted body shaping in femal problem areas" (exercise & nutrition programme)
  • and on the other hand with my countless female clients at home and abroad (for over 30 years)

After the end of our cooperation, the great results with some clients were unfortunately NOT "permanent"...

And when I asked my clients about the cause of the JOJO-effect, I got the following answers:

"This nutritional philosophy is so complicated (study participants)!"

"Unfortunately, I've gone back to my old eating habits, because I can't always cook at home." Or: "Unfortunately, I have regular invitations and business lunches. And, ... I can't always diet."


... do these answers sound familiar to you??? 

Based on these valuable suggestions and because I have high standards in my nutritional counselling, I have developed MY OWN nutritional philosophy!


With my nutritional philosophy you will learn to optimise YOUR OWN eating habits for achieving your own sustainable and balanced diet!