Welcome to the Snooze Club

... the revolutionary ONLINE HEALTH CLUB for women

I am Dr Eva Tischer and have been working with customized programmes for physical activity, nutrition and mindset for more than 30 years. And it is precisely these three professional field that make up the Snooze Club:

Eliminate your physical complaints. Feel alive, fit & vital again! You can achieve all this with my unique movement-charms. 

Optimise your eating habits!

Get practical tricks about micronutrients for your daily meals. This is what my nutrition-challenge offers you.

My Mindset Energy Booster helps you to anchor your new lifestyle habits in your subconscious with visualisations & affirmations.

Coaching women has always been easy for me because I have the same demands, interests and goals as my clients. Whatever I teach my clients, I have tried out myself. I know 100% how my health program feels and works.

Do you already know my charms?


I call exercises and content charms. The Eva Tischer Snooze Club offers you customised charms based on my long-term professional experience in sports science and training therapy.


And just like a bracelet, the more charms you have, the better, lighter and more beautiful your life will be. Become part of the Snooze Club and start your vital and pain-free life now.