For more than 30 years I have been working with women who are neither competitive athletes nor want to train in the gym. They are just interested in getting rid of their physical complaints, getting a sexy body in the shortest possible time and keeping these results permanently.


I have therefore developed my own training method based on the targets of my clients and my professional experience in sports science and training therapy: My Charms in the Snooze Club. I call exercises charms.


Whatever I teach my clients, I have tried out myself. So I know 100% how my movement-charms feel and how they work most effectively.

How my charms work

1. Train functional movement sequences instead of individual muscles!

With my training method, you don't train individual muscles, but always in functional movement sequences of the kinematic muscle chain. This means that you train several muscles, tendons, ligaments, the associated joints and joint connections at the same time and therefore see faster results! Can be used as training therapy, prevention or for body shaping. And best of all: the whole thing works without training equipment and is easily integrated into your everyday life!


2. Combination of isometric and dynamic training methods

As I don't use any fitness equipment for my charms, they are performed isometrically and dynamically at the same time. This more effective muscle work allows you to achieve even faster results than with conventional training methods. The long-term success with my clients prove me right!


3. Strength endurance or fat burning - easily adapted to your goals!

Depending on your objective - painlessness, health training or body shaping - the training duration of the charms is designed for your desired energy metabolism! 

Completely different from the boring, conventional training methods, such as 3x15 or 3x20 repetitions, which you know from the gym or from various online training instructions. 

My charms are the effective training method for women!


Why do you need strength endurance?

My clients are always immediately enthusiastic about my programme because it works so quickly! The charms of my sports science training therapy programme

  • eliminate physical eomplaints
  • and promote joint mobility in all joints and articulations.
  • The trained muscles then support the body in its daily physical challenges!


Why do you need fat burning?

The charms of my revolutionary combination of prevention programme & body shaping work

  • as a preventive balancing programme against daily physical stress.
  • The fat metabolism is activated - for localised fat burning in your individual problem areas!

For a sexy body with a flat stomach, slim waist, slender legs and PERMANENT VITALITY!

Try it out! So that you also can finally be FREE FROM COMPLAINTS and FEEL GOOD AGAIN! 

back to liveliness!

What you can expect at the Snooze Club:

  • professional support
  • 33 years of international professional experience
  • customised movement-charms developed by me 
  • physical complaints are eliminated
  • improved joint mobility
  • optimised fat metabolism for the desired shape 
  • improved body awareness and vitality
  • fast and sustainable results

You can easily integrate the charms into your everyday life. 

Become a member of the SNOOZE CLUB and let's start your vital life together now!