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I am Dr Eva Tischer and have been working with clients in my professional fields for more than 30 yearse: physical activity, nutrition and mindset. I have always found it particularly easy to coach women because I have the same demands, interests and goals as my clients. That is why I have specialised in coaching women and have successfully implemented my revolutionary therapy and health programmes over the last 30 years, far beyond the borders of Austria.

My international professional experience with women in their various phases of life from different countries and cultures has broadened and revolutionised my horizons - especially in the areas of nutrition, body awareness and health consciousness.

Whatever I teach my clients, I have tried out myself. So I know 100% how my movement-charms, nutritional philosophies, mindset techniques and outdoor units feel and how they work most effectively. This way of working has sensitised and trained my body awareness and health consciousness over the decades. And ultimately inspired me to found the Snooze Club.

welcome to the snooze club

Do you already know my charms?

I call exercises and content charms. The Eva Tischer Snooze Club offers you customised charms based on my long-term professional experience in sports science and training therapy in my three professional fields: physical activity, nutrition and mindset.


And just like a bracelet, the more charms you have, the better, lighter and more beautiful your life will be. Become part of the Snooze Club and start your vital and pain-free life now.

All the stories from my 30 years of professional experience would go beyond the scope of my website. That's why you'll soon be able to read MY MOST IMPRESSIVE HERO STORIES on my BLOG.