My nutritional PHILOSOPHy

Nutrition plays a very IMPORTANT ROLE for our health and therefore also in the SNOOZE CLUB. In addition to my sports science education, I have also completed various additional advanced courses specialising in nutrition.

However, I have gained the most important experience with my clients and celebrated great results together with them over many years:

  • On the one hand, during my intervention study with 86 women on the topic: "Targeted figure shaping in problem areas"
  • and on the other hand with my countless clients at home and abroad

Many nutrition phylosophies or diets cannot be implemented permanently. The short-term successes usually end with the famous JOJO effect.

  • The philosophy of nutrition is so complicated!
  • I don't always have time to cook at home.
  • Regular invitations and business lunches interfere with my diet.


 ... do these answers sound familiar to you?

Because of these widespread problems, I developed MY OWN nutritional philosophy!

Learn to optimise YOUR OWN eating habits into a sustainable and balanced diet.

back to liveliness!

What you can expect at the Snooze Club:

  • professional support
  • 33 years of international professional experience
  • detailed nutritional counselling (online or in person)
  • no diet - optimisation of your own eating habits together
  • lose 2.5 to max. 3 kg per month in a HEALTHY way
  • lose weight without frustration and constant hunger
  • daily moments of pleasure
  • eliminate physical complaints
  • optimised fat metabolism to achieve your desired shape 
  • improved body awareness and vitality
  • sustainable results 

And you can easily integrate all of this into your everyday life.

You will receive your personalised offer after our initial online consultation (Personal Mentoring Session).

Let's start your vital life together and book your initial consultation now!